About Us
                    First we die to finish high school , start college and start working , then to marry and have children ... Follow to die for children to grow and retire and then we realize that we forgot to live . In the run , one thing which always crossed our mind was “Did I live a Useful Life ?” . If we are giving , loving , serving , helping , encouraging and adding value to others , we feel to have a useful life.

                    Entertainment being an absorbing experience , we chose to entertain the underprivileged segment .A medium to provide them happiness, laughter , relaxation , a little lift along with their participation . If you have a look at the pictures , you will get an unknown feeling of happiness Right ? Our events process their entertainment prescriptions …. And its what the doctors ordered !

                    The Sphinx Adonis Social Club (SASC) is a registered non-governmental, non-religious and non-profitable social service organization with the sole objective of providing entertainment in the life's of neglected people in distress, the old and the parentless who are orphan and destitute. We at SASC are rendering selfless service with exclusive voluntary support of philanthropic minded people who have stood as pillar to our endeavor.We at SASC have a strong belief that we can bring a change to this society and prove that entertainment and talent does not lie only in the existing society but also amongst the under privileged. They are deprived of all the fun and happiness and also do not have opportunities for displaying their inherent talent.
The only non profit organization to work for Entertainment of the underprivileged
Caters smile for varied sector : from Slum to Old age home, from socially deprived people to physically and mentally challenged society
Motivate people to support them through network and online presence
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