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Your every donation and feedback will help us bring a smile on the unhappy faces and a ray of hope for deprived

If you'd like to make a contribution
1.One time contribution : Any amount is accepted
2.Monthly Contribution : A reliable source of income helps us to plan ahead and sustain our projects, so they make a lasting difference
3.Contribute for an event : A special event related to special day of your life can also be raised

396 / 398 , Gold Field Park , South Main Road ,
Koregaon Park , Pune 411001
Ph.No.          : 020 - 41001600                    
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In Favour of : Sphinx Adonis Social Club
A/c No.         : 30140186309                       

The only non profit organization to work for Entertainment of the underprivileged
Caters smile for varied sector : from Slum to Old age home, from socially deprived people to physically and mentally challenged society
Motivate people to support them through network and online presence
12A and 80G Approved !!!
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